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Underground tons of electronic waste recycling industry chain: Depth dismantling return to the market

Underground tons of electronic waste recycling industry chain: Depth dismantling return to the market

The hawker stalls old electronic products

Guangzhou tianhe road, ling road area, is a rendezvous for guangzhou electronic high-tech products, as well as distribution of a batch of second-hand market and service market, e-waste recycling vendor inoculation.


They are all "soho", "a wooden bench, a card" can open files. In ling road, journalists and 25 people in anhui Yang Xian (a pseudonym) to chat for a while, he would come at 9 am, the so-called "gears" is a "recycling computers and accessories" brand. Many Yang Xian recycling of waste electronic products brand, as long as it is electronic products, no matter good or bad will recycle. Yang Xian do this line since 2006, has done more than 4 years, about 2000 yuan monthly income.


"Worse and worse, the electronic product updates fast, low price to sell more new products, consumers buy used less, little changed hands profits. I have a lot of countrymen are engaged in this line, and there are many people in henan." Yang Xian says, "computer city this piece of at least thousands of people!"


Waste to suburban Easy dismantling classification


Yang Xian buy old appliances, lie between a boss will sell more, layers and then concentrated, stock up to a certain amount of time will be transported to the haizhu, white clouds, panyu suburban colony of some simple physical and dismantling and classification.


Panyu village, peripheral are some high-grade building dish. Strange, the small village street is not long, the shophouses most closed door. It is reported, not to be others found that the store is closing the door to disassemble waste electronic products, in a remote place, there are several small gate pull up a smaller part. The store the converted garage, ventilated condition is not good, the door without any logo. In-store display case and with spare parts and wire. Store, there are two women in dismounting wires, in addition to a pair of scissors, they don't have any protection. They will be linked to wire cut small parts, leaving the main wires. They said that, most things can be sold, after smashing glass display can sell a few cents a kilo.


In another shop, the reporter saw a worker in a bench with knives split wire, wire and a cross on the tools, divided into plastic skin and wire (mostly in the copper wire). They are only recycling metal wire. Plastic skin burn in the nearby wasteland.


Garbage points after class truck pull out of the village


Reporters after surrounding the village turned several rounds, found behind the village several large warehouses. Because there are more than Beijing plates of container truck is loading, normally closed doors opened a small half. One of the warehouse is full of piles of computer motherboards and display plastic shell. Separately on the main board and shell, is clearly a good class, each pile according to visual inspection at least one or two meters high. Reporter noticed that have a load of 8 tons of big truck is loading, estimate the motherboard will complete all at once.


On this path and several warehouses, has good points class monitor plastic shell some neatly stacked, both on the outside of the warehouse space.


"Some of these electronic waste is directly shipped to qingyuan, foshan, recycling, or shipped to shantou or zhejiang taizhou." After inquiring after, the reporter finally found the willing to reveal any news. Shantou or taizhou is China's two most famous e-waste dismantling.


"Processing" waste underground trade


Zhongshan road and jiefang road junction pottery street and surrounding a guangzhou electronic waste collection and distribution center. The personage inside course of study estimates that each year about hundreds of tons here after dismantling classification of old products into guangzhou.


At 5 PM on July 10, day not bright. Pottery street around is also very quiet, but a rundown on the second floor of the market has been a lot of the early people, the road is filled with woven bags and boxes.


"Quite a few of them come from qingyuan, old things apart from qingyuan bag shipped good classification. Most e-waste." In this area for several years, Lao zhang said.


6 in the morning, the day is lightening, rags on the second floor market began to busy, everything is put on the ground. Bunches of black wire, boxes of different specifications of the wiring board, plug, still have the old camera, headphones, full of beautiful things IN eyes, such as saws all junk, mostly IN Taiwan, also have quite a lot of writing have "MADE IN JAPAN" or "MADE IN USA".


Electric wires are sold by weight, from a few yuan to tens of yuan. "You see this wire core, how bright the copper wire." Lao zhang said. Someone want to buy a plug, was bargaining with the owner. "A two dollars, the lowest price. The seller is not in a hurry shipment, the price is no discount. "The market only available in the weekend." Lao zhang said.


Not only this one near the market, in li wan road, there is one just opened on Friday night in the middle of the night, "is a flashlight to see goods." It is reported, most of the time the market only have the effect of goods sales, customer value, will be privately consult with the owner before a large number of replenish onr's stock. So there is no way to estimate how many circulation, but a year down, hundreds of tons of absolutely no problem.


In-depth analysis of


Electronic waste "hide baby" should be dealt with industrialization


Studies have shown that in 1 ton random collection of electronic boards, can isolate 143 kg, 0.5 kg, 2 kg gold copper tin metal, such as the valuable gold alone. Therefore, dismantling and recycling of waste electrical appliance member terminal recycling ik has a great deal of interest. Green E guangzhou guangzhou is a local public interest groups, the volunteers Lai Yun said that as long as the "value" of electronic waste, against the interests of the e-waste dismantling the chain can't really disappear. Therefore, dealing with problems of the industrialization of the electronic waste should be the government on the agenda.


The reporter understands, guangzhou has not normal processing of electronic waste, but authorities have released the list of guangzhou to apply for electronic waste disposal unit management guide ", and make the jurisdiction (including 10 area, two county-level cities) within the waste electrical and electronic sorting, disassemble the unit directory management, encourage enterprises to apply to the list of electronic waste treatment enterprises. Electronic waste treatment for examination and approval of eia, pollution control facilities should be the completion environmental protection acceptance approval requirements, strict enforcement of environmental protection of the measures for the prevention and control of environmental pollution by electronic waste management. Followed by the home appliance to old change new pilot work, promote the normal company involved in recycling, dismantling and disposal, at present already has designated disposal enterprise in huizhou in guangdong province. Multiple departments cooperate to intensify law enforcement, illegal collection, dismantling and disposal.